About Us
Watch Communications is a wireless communications company specializing in Wireless Digital Cable and Broadband Internet Services. Founded in 1992, Watch Communications began as a wireless MMDS Cable TV system, using Microwave technology, and offered Cable TV service to rural areas where standard cable service was unavailable. Today, Watch Communications has grown to serve over 10,000 homes and businesses throughout Northwest Ohio.
Watch Communications provides Digital Cable Television, Broadband Internet, and Digital Phone services from 12 transmission towers via microwave radio signal. Our services have also grown to offer our customers a local quality and affordable alternative to standard Cable Television systems and dial-up Internet services.

Our customers are provided with an advanced reception antenna, affixed to their home or property. The antenna intercepts our transmission signal to provide trouble free service to the customer. In some cases, a mast or tower may be erected to mount the antenna equipment. Watch Communications is equipped to provide service to almost any area, and we pledge to do whatever it takes to provide our clients with quality Cable TV and Internet services.

For more information about our services or the installation process, please contact Watch Communications at (800)589-3837 or (419)999-2824. When calling us, you will always be greeted by a live person. You can also email inquiries to info@watchtv.net