Frequently Asked Questions
What is WatchNet?
WatchNet is a high-speed broadband Internet connection brought into your home via line of site, point-to-point microwave link. We use the very latest in technology to provide this service, backed by Watch Communications excellent service!

What does line of site mean?
A line of site is an unobstructed view of our tower with no trees, buildings, etc in the way.

Do I have to have Watch TV in my home to get WatchNet?
No - although you can save money and get the convenience of one bill. You can pick and choose your levels of service with all of our products!

How does WatchNet connect to our computer?
You must have a 10/100baseT Ethernet Card installed in your computer for the WatchNet equipment to be connected to. For a small charge, we can install a network card for you at the time of installation. Most computers purchased within the last 10 years have a network card included.

What are the recommended computer requirements to get WatchNet installed?
Any supported version of Windows will work with our service. Linux or Macintosh OS/OSX will work also, but technical support may be limited.

How fast is WatchNet?
We offer multiple packages that vary by area. Please call our office at 800-589-3837 to find out what is available in your area.

Are upload and download speeds the same?
No - the download speed is measured in 'UP TO' terms and may vary somewhat depending on current network conditions. It should stay within 80% of the rated package that you are subscribed to.

Do I need an Internet Service Provider (ISP) with WatchNet?
No. We are a full-service Internet provider with e-mail, web space, spam and virus filtering services.

Can I connect more than one computer to my WatchNet?
Yes! You can purchase a network router from Watch Communications. The installer will connect it to your modem during the service installation. You can finish the rest of your network from there and hook up as many computers in your home you as wish for the same monthly cost. If you already own a router, the installer will connect it to our cable modem and set up one of your computers to connect through the router.

Is WatchNet secure?
Yes! Our Microwave signals are encrypted, and only our equipment can communicate with our towers. Also, unlike many other wireless providers, we own the licenses for many of the frequencies that we use. This greatly decreases the potential for interference since we are the only company using those frequencies. We also provide spam and e-mail virus protection for your e-mail, which is currently the most common avenue for security breaches.

Do I need to change my e-mail address?
Not necessarily, but in most cases you will have to pay your current ISP a fee to keep it if they own the email address (if it uses their domain name, i.e.,, etc). If you have a domain name we offer web hosting services and can handle your domain also. Click Here for more information.